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The Darby and Joan Organisation Charity

About the Charity

The Southend on Sea Darby and Joan Organisation is a registered charity with a unique history of providing care for the local elderly community around Southend and the neighbouring areas. The charity merged with the Mission of Help in 2012 to become the charity we know today.

The founder of the organisation was prominent local businessman and philanthropist Edward Cecil Jones; the first acquisition in 1946 was the purchase of 50 Avenue Road in Westcliff‑on‑Sea for use as a social day centre.

Following this and in quick succession, the then trustees purchased Sandringham on Westcliff Avenue in 1947 for use as a residential care home; the Dowsett family donated a house on Lifstan Way in October 1948; and in 1949 the trustees purchased another house at 24 Nelson Drive in Leigh‑on‑Sea for use as another social day centre.

The organisation was registered as a charity in April 1949 and it was around this time that the then trustees agreed to a name change – The Southend‑on‑Sea Darby and Joan Organisation. It’s worth noting that this Darby and Joan charity is distinct from the Darby and Joan clubs established nationally after World War II.

Over the years, the Darby and Joan Organisation has continued to provide care to those who need it, through its homes across Southend and Westcliff. In recent times, however, some of the premises were deemed no longer viable and too difficult to maintain due to their age. With regret the Trustees decided to close and sell-off all the homes except for St Martins on Imperial Avenue, which remains the charity’s home in the Southend area.

We are particularly proud of our recently completed Dementia Garden, which is open and available to residents and those living with Dementia across Southend.

The trustees

John Anderson – co-chair
Anne Andrews – co-chair
Oliver Rowe
Jane Dresner
John Smoothy
Gillian Gates

Charity policies

Please find our key policies here. They give more details on the care and support we give our residents, how we provide that care, how we store our residents’ private information and how to get in touch with feedback. If you would like to find out more about our charity and organisation please go to the Charity Commission website.

Dementia Care
General Referral and Admissions
Individual Accommodation
Information Governance
Information Provision for Prospective Residents
Person Centred Care
Privacy and Dignity
Quality Assurance
Resident Feedback
Resident Plan of Care
Safeguarding Adults